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Hunger Free America TM their Corporate Office is located in Lemoore California. Their Moto is, Empowering Leaders and Transforming Lives since 2001.

A  faith-based grassroots corporation with a component designed to enhance the quality of life and well-being of others. HFA envisioned a shared vision of equipping youth for the future. Min. Robinson an Alumnus of FPU exemplified his Christian values learned and taught by his family and the University he attended. Which in turn helped build a community initiative which transformed into a National Initiative within 1 years of receiving their nonprofit status. They support strategies which provide ownership to all participants and like-minded organization. The organization leadership program called Leaders of Promise Camp offers youth an opportunity to showcase their skills, abilities and complicated issues. The organizational Team understands the importance of building up healthy families.

We make every attempt to build up healthy families. We work in teams and groups to forge relationships to achieve the change needed. Staff and volunteers are strongly encouraged to provide feedback and input on action plans. Hunger Free focus more on clients positive strengths to problems and solutions. Our objective is to work side-by-side with clients. Our goal is to minimize any and all economic risk or loss for low-income families. The organization is currently seeking partnerships with churches, businesses, and corporations during business in CA Kings County or nationally. The organization understands issues that affect a community. If your church or organization are interested in establishing a shared community approach. Call us (973) 486-4372 or by Cellphone at (559) 900-8695

We like to thank our committed and dedicated men and women in uniform for helping us providing assistance to low-income families in need. Hunger Free America is a National Initiative for fighting poverty in America.   

Our Interconnected Programs:

  • Hunger Free America
  • Hunger Free America Summer Camp 
  • USDA Summer Meals Sponsor for Summer Food Service Program
  • Status Neighborhood Giving
  • Allie's Hands of Joy
  • Hanford Treatment Center
  • Leaders of Promise Camp before and After-School Program
  • Operation Chance
  • Families in Distress

All programs are interconnected to meet people where they are once their needs have been assessed. The company embraces the helping hands model of doing business.

Stage I: Method for change
Step 1 is where we take action and begin to help clients understand their problem and setting goals for a solution. Simply helping disadvantaged and underserved people making room for the change to take place using the transformational model.
Step 2 this is where the quality assurance teams focus on to get to the goal using the transitional model.
Step 3 Putting systems in place or begin to chart progress or failure to whether or not the change is taking place or make adjustments as needed. However, this particular model is a continuum loop where we continue to measure the needs and effectiveness of clients and changes in the community around them.

Stage II: Leaders of Promise formerly known as Emerging Leaders educate, prepare, equips young student leaders K-12 through steps and stages of leadership.
Step 1 we provide leadership classes, forums and various programs to help them grow and develop leadership styles and skills.
Step 2 and forum to practice speaking engagements, debates about local and national issues.
Step 3 Training leaders for the workplace, church, and their personal lives. Students are active and connected with Churches, schools, and organizations in the community. We encourage them to find positive sponsors or mentor. 

Hunger Free America Inc. work and services are considered to be the backbone of community in which it serves. Advocating for strong leadership in underserved middle and low-income families. Located in Hanford California, empowering the community and transforming lives. Associated with groundbreaking and landmark changes that have impacted millions of lives across the nation. Social change on a local, State, national and international level since 1991-present.

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Hunger Free America SM

1089 Tranquility Circle

Lemoore, CA 93245

(973) 486-4273