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Hunger Free America, Inc. TM  was founded in 2001 and received its nonprofit status in 2010. Inspired and came into fruition by Min. Demeatrus Robinson Sr MA, Donpreyel Martin and Greg McGowan to help make a difference in the community in which they lived. Their mission was to fight poverty within impoverish community. Min. Robinson understood that programs driven were needed to finding solutions to internal and external roots of the poverty. After searching the internet search engines and conducted research on food insecurity issues Hunger Free America Corporation was born. 

He was touched by the story of a 12-year-old girl named Sarah when her mother lost her job a week before Christmas and the family was on the verge of becoming homeless, unable to pay the rent. She recalls crying and prayed for a miracle from God. Although she was not a Christian by faith. She vividly remembered her mother receiving a phone offering her mother help with food, clothing, and bills. Sara said that it was the best Christmas ever. Today she still volunteers at her local pantry giving back to the community.


Sara story moved Hunger Free founder into action to serve low-income families while focusing on poverty-related issues. Robinson was skeptical at first about what his neighbors would say about him storing food in his garage. But actually, they were pretty open-minded about the idea that he was helping people that were struggling to make ends meet.

Since Hunger Free America opening there doors in Fresno CA and moving to Hanford CA in 2011 the have fed thousands of families and people. We work closely with the Local Food Bank covering California Central Valley And with your support or volunteerism can make a difference in a low-income family life. Right now you can pledge a donation to Hunger Free America National Initiative to help a family for one day,1 week or a month.100% of every dollar you give goes to families in need of assistance. Take action by joining our fight against Hunger in America. Give to Google One Today for Hunger Free America or Network for Good Nonprofit donation

                                                                      "Hears the Cries, of the Hungry"

The bigger picture of Hunger Free America is one that attempts to build up healthy families within the community we serve. While the obstacles that must be faced by residents can be seen as immeasurable, some of the most pressing issues facing individuals today are the outbreaks of poverty, as a result of uncontrollable life circumstances. This is especially evident in underprivileged, low-income populations. Each year the statistics become more disheartening. Hunger Free America was launched in 2010 to tackle and assist low-income families living in poverty. Hunger Free America started from a garage in 2010 serving low-income families who were struggling to meet their basic food necessities. 

Hunger Free America was designed to fight poverty head-on as a community mobile anti-poverty program to help reverse disturbing trends. Each month the program hosted a free mobile pantry, mobile neighborhood market distributing free groceries with a hot meal and other goods earmarked for needy families.

What is astounding to us is that many of our repeat clients include veterans, working families, undocumented Immigrants and homeless people. In 2011 Hunger Free America was endorsed as a National Anti-poverty Program along with the establishment of the Hunger Free America Institute in Rhode Island by U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein. Senator Feinstein is a pro-advocate for hunger-related causes. Senator Feinstein is an honorable leader for the State of California and America if not the world and is well respected in Washington DC and supported bills that helped her state. Hunger Free America was proud then as they are today to have selected her as an invaluable Consultant to the board for Hunger Free America since 2011. Senator Feinstein is a pro-advocate for California, the Central Valley as well as the nation. We may be one of the first organizations to have an acting U.S. Senator on a Corporate Board of Directors for the betterment of the community.

What is problematic or challenging in San Joaquin Central Valley is that the state was stricken with a statewide drought which has caused an even greater economic hardship to low-income families. Food prices have increased 17% since 2013 and donations are at an all-time low. Please join us to make a difference in a child or needy family life by making a donation or give perishable good to Hunger Free America or Local Food Bank earmarked for Hunger Free America. Thank you for to helping us eradicate poverty. Give a monetary donation by clicking the donation link on this page or One Today fundraiser page.


Across the United States, a recognizable need has developed for the provision of outreach services for individuals and families. While the obstacles that must be faced by residents can be seen as immeasurable, some of the most pressing issues facing individuals today are the outbreaks of poverty, as a result of uncontrollable life circumstances. This is especially evident in underprivileged, low-income populations. Each year the statistics become more disheartening. Hour of Truth Ministry is devoted to it's Hunger Free America programs to reverse these disturbing trends. Today, we are capable of distributing food and other goods as necessary, and the program reaches out to over one hundred different families each month.

The poverty statistics are staggering. According to the Census Bureau, the nation's poverty rate is at it's highest level in decades. More than 46 million people one in seven Americans are living below the poverty line, 16.4 million of them children. Another 30 million Americans are just a lost job or serious illness away from joining them. And in the last six years alone, more than 20 million people have joined the ranks of those relying on food stamps to get by. The poverty rate for California 21st Congressional District is 23% a slight change since 2010 with a population of 73,475. The child poverty rate is 30%. This along is staging statistics and no one in Washington DC cares much about the little people facing poverty because they do not pay taxes or their salaries.

The fight these days are for low-income families who cannot afford to pay for the types of services rendered by those capable of delivering them. It’s sad when you see a small child fighting with their older sibling for the last piece of bread, and lose the battle. Poverty is real and up close and in your face reality. The number of people on food stamps has risen above 47 million. Many families are barely getting by on public assistance due to personal or social causation. Therefore let's work together to build lives and a much healthier and stronger nation. Joint the hunger cause.

Hunger Free America is a mobile hunger-buster anti-poverty initiative that works for hand in hand with a local food bank and others contributors to the hunger cause. A mobile food pantry which frequently distributes food in areas where families lack transportation to food pantries. Serving healthy nutritional food and goods to low-income families. Make a difference in a needy family life with a monetary donation, donation of can goods, or clothing to Hunger Free America to help a low-income family.

The company community initiate provides a free Community Market Place where they issue groceries the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from 12:00 AM to 3:00 PM or until the last meal is served. Our sites are in Hanford and Lemoore CA. See our distribution page for more details and sites.

All food items are limited to a first come, first serve basis. A one-time Identification may be required for services but not necessary. We hope that the new Apricot system will help speed up the wait time in the food lines and help us to better serve the community by identifying there needs.

Since opening our doors in Hanford CA in 2010,  we served over 21000 families and 45000 people with perishable and nonperishable goods. Our Summer Meal Program Hunger America Summer Camp offer free/reduced meals and other donated products to those 18 and under during the summer recess. The service numbers are updated periodically.

Our clientele is predominantly Hispanic low-income families and homeless individuals. We provide educational information and about hunger-related issues, poverty, and offer referral services. The program makes every attempt to help customers think healthy, select healthy foods, eat healthily and curb obesity nationwide.
We make every attempt to teach and encourage families to grow organic fruits and vegetables which can also be transferred from there community gardens, backyards and windows seal to there tables. Stay tuned for new updates!

Hunger Free America provides assistance to low-income families with food security and ways to reduce there weekly or monthly food bill. A leader in pace-setting leadership. We adopted an authoritative leadership to fulfill our mission and vision for a Hunger Free America and The World. We work with the local food bank, local farmers and like-minded organizations, businesses and governmental agencies to provide basic food necessities. Hunger Free America is a National Anti-Poverty Campaign that has been spearheaded by many states as a hunger-buster initiative that works hand in hand with agencies and others contributors to fight hunger. A mobile food pantry that travels into low-income neighborhoods distributing food to families that lack accessible transportation to food pantries. We provide basic health and nutritional food as part of there dietary needs. Several leadership styles were adopted affiliate leadership, coaching, coercive and democratic leadership that builds a brighter world. Hunger Free America is leading the world to end poverty. As we work and partner with other Anti-Poverty Agency to bring about a Hunger Free America. We are now moving the organization toward a Hunger Free America International. All domestic and agriculture took place in the Valley of the Kings: Ra Amen. Join our Fan Page to help us fight hunger one step at a time with like-minded organizations and friends at 

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