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Hunger Free America ®, Inc. founded in 2001 and received its nonprofit status in 2001. The organization came to fruition by Min. Demeatrus Robinson Sr MA, and inspired by Donpreyel Martin and Greg McGowan to help make a difference in the community. The organization mission is to fight poverty head-on in impoverish community. Min. Robinson understands that necessary tools needed to find solutions to internal and external roots of poverty. After searching the internet search engines and conducted research on food insecurity issues Hunger Free America Incorporation was born. 

He was touched by the story of a 12-year-old girl named Sarah when her mother lost her job a week before Christmas and the family was on the verge of becoming homeless, unable to pay the rent. She recalls crying and prayed for a miracle from God.  Sara was not a Christian by faith. She vividly remembered her mother receiving a phone call offering assistance with food, clothing, and bills. Sara said that because of an organization like Hunger Free America it was the best Christmas ever. Today she still volunteers at local pantries giving back to the community.
The bigger picture of Hunger Free America is one that attempts to build up healthy families within the community we serve. While the obstacles that must be faced by residents can be seen as immeasurable, some of the most pressing issues facing individuals today are the outbreaks of poverty, as a result of uncontrollable life circumstances. This is especially evident in underprivileged, low-income populations. Each year the statistics become more disheartening. Hunger Free America was launched in 2001 to tackle and assist low-income families living in poverty. Hunger Free America started from a garage in 2001 serving low-income families who were struggling to meet basic food necessities. 

Sara story moved Hunger Free founder into action to serve low-income families while focusing on poverty-related issues. Robinson was skeptical at first about what his neighbors would say about him storing food in his garage. But actually, they were pretty open-minded about the idea that he was helping people that were struggling to make ends meet.

Since Hunger Free America opening there doors in Fresno CA and moving to Hanford CA in 2011 they have fed thousands of families and people. We work closely with the Local Food Bank covering California Central Valley and with your support or volunteerism can make a difference in a low-income family life. Right now you can pledge a donation to Hunger Free America National Initiative to help a family for one day, 1 week or a month.100% of every dollar you give goes to families in need of assistance. Take action by joining our fight against Hunger in America. Give to Google One Today for Hunger Free America or Network for Good Nonprofit donation.

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