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Our Work
Hunger Free America® Corporate Office has been transforming lives and empowering families in the communities that we serve since 2010. Located in Fresno, California, Hunger Free America® is a faith-based grassroots corporation designed to enhance the quality of life and well-being of the underprivileged people of America. We not only fight against poverty and its causes but also equip disadvantaged youth for a bright future. 
Our founder, Min. Robinson exemplified Christian values learned and taught by his family and the FPU professors when he helped build a community initiative to support strategies that provide ownership to all participants and like-minded organizations in this fight against poverty in America.  
Formerly known as Hour of Truth Ministry, Inc. and United Diversity of Health and Services, our corporation is the backbone of all communities we serve. We advocate for strong leadership in underserved middle and low-income families, which we believe is the best way to empower people from the grassroots. 
Hunger Free America® successfully advocated for landmark legislation and movements which have impacted millions of lives across the nation since 1991:
• We have encouraged businesses and corporations to invest time and resources in urban areas under city redevelopment plans.
• Our Welfare to Work Initiative called TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), and SNAP are examples of the few landmark initiatives that we have worked for in the past and continue to work for today. 
• We have advocated strongly for prison reform and truth in sentencing for criminals so the prisoners and their families could be facilitated. 
• Outsourcing American jobs is one of the significant causes of unemployment, and Hunger Free America® has fought against it to bring jobs back home for our local communities. 
• We have been involved in the creation of various programs for at-risk teens and young adults. 
• We conduct community outreach to advocate for comprehensive social reforms in order to protect social security, Medicare and Medicaid, mental health awareness, education, healthcare, immigration, and wall street reform.
• We have encouraged and supported various small businesses and local start-ups. 
• Our corporation believes in and rigorously fights for fair and equal affordable and sustainable housing for all families. 
• We have advocated for the first five-term limits for every executive, judicial, and legislative branch of government.
• We have supported church reforms throughout various communities. 
• Fighting hunger and starvation has been one of our primary causes, and we achieve this by tackling the core reasons behind poverty.
• We have lobbied for the renewal of the National Voter Right Act of 1964, as we believe it is essential to update this act to better suit the needs of our communities in the present time.
• We campaigned against Congress to prevent it from omitting key components of Affirmative action for minorities and continue to work for the empowerment of all minorities. 
• We have supported the renewal of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 
• We advocate for Wall Street reform so that it can change and adapt to benefit every American. 
• We have raised the issue of America's high school dropout rate and the need for more after-school programs on necessary platforms.
• We have been working with local organizations and like-minded corporations in a collaborative effort to render the change needed.
• Our corporation is a champion of women's rights, and we have fully supported the 2012 Historical Women Movement for Congressional and Senatorial seats in Washington DC. 
• The Change Needed to Move America Forward
• We have initiated and associated with many programs such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Organizing for Obama & Organizing for America [OFA] that we believe are there to uplift underprivileged families. 
Hunger Free America®, along with fighting against hunger and poverty, has been a hallmark corporation in supporting civil rights, minority rights, and women's rights. Our work is focused on tackling the key issues that increase poverty in communities first. Join us in our fight for a Hunger Free America®!

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Hunger Free America® Corporate Office is located in Oakland CA