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Every $1 donated goes toward helping needy families

Hears the cries of the hungry!!!
Hunger Free America, Inc. A National Initiative which works hand in hand with state and federal leaders and agencies. The program is designed to combat hunger and poverty meeting the basic nutritional needs of at-risk-individuals. As a result of the shifts in the jobs market in San Joaquin Valley, Fresno/Hanford area was struck the hardest by the economic downturn of the Marketplace. Inventory, donations, and contributions are at an all-time low. Please join us to make a difference in a child's life by donating a perishable good or make a momentary contribution to 77-0564567 Hunger Free America, Inc. to help us eradicate poverty "one by one neighborhood" at a time.

• In 2008, 22.8 percent of the city’s population was living below the federal poverty line.  
• This community also has a disproportionately high rate 
• This is compared to 13.3 in the State of California and 12.4 percent in the Nation.  
• As would be expected with lower median household incomes, poverty rates are high in Fresno.  
• 10.2 percent of the residents of Fresno are living in extreme poverty. This is nearly double the 5.4 percent of residents in the entire State of California.

With the recent struggles of the economy, money has been tight for a large number of people across the country. As would be expected there are some regions such as Fresno/Hanford that have been hit harder than others and poverty in these areas has increased drastically. Help us feed hungry people in times of need so please get involved by changing a life. 

Chad Schapiro said… I am honored and excited to support your vision that you have here. God Bless you and all you do.
Linda said… I think it is a wonderful goal you have here. Dare to dream for dreams can come true? Keep up the good works, my Brother...

Hunger Free America, Inc. ®

1089 Tranquility Circle

Lemoore, CA 93245

(973) 486-4273