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Board of Directors and Officers

Hunger Free America is dedicated to doing the better good by assisting low-income families with services to help develop their positive self-esteem and clarifying their values to build successful lives. Hunger Free America letters of invitation to prospective Board Members for vacated seats are distributed every 5 years or as seat become available. 
The organization would like to thank the outgoing board members for their dedication, service, and support during their 5 years as board members and wish them the best in their new endeavors. The Board of Directors Annual Meeting will be Saturday of June 4, 2016. Hunger Free America, Inc. board minutes are available via request only? 

Demeatrus Robinson Sr, M.A.
Term: 2015-20
(559) 900-8695

Tracy Prichett Secretary/Executive Director

Senator Dianne Feinstein 
Consultant to the Board of Directors
(202) 224-3841
Term: 2017-22

Amelia Reid: Volunteer Coordinator
Term: 2016-2021

Zishan Lokhandwala: Vice President
Term: 2016-2021


Hunger Free America leadership feel as though they are doing something that matters to a larger world. The organization provides ample opportunities for self-development and routinely creative problem-solving. Honesty and openness are encouraged and rewarded often to accomplish tasks that cut across work barriers. Every board member supports the organizational mission, vision and objective. Relevant information is shared with like-minded agencies. When there is a success, everyone shares the credit. Effective and informal learning networks where people from different levels within the organization exchange ideas. The organization has implemented three evaluation processes for staff and clients using technology that promotes innovation to foster communication and learning. The boards has set strategic goals for growth and tracks financial and non-financial indicators to determine whether or not goals are being achieved. And verifying whether or not operational programs are being effective toward reaching it intended goals. Survey are given to staff and clients for feedback.

Hunger Free America, Inc. ®

1089 Tranquility Circle

Lemoore, CA 93245

(973) 486-4273