If you or someone you know would like to volunteer at a food bank or local pantry nationwide. Please Call, Fax, email or email us at Hunger Free America®, Inc., at (973) 486-4372 for more details.  There is joy and excitement on the faces of young children after they receive free clothing and food during the most difficult transition of there young lives. Many of our clients are working families because resources are limited to paying basic securities for the month. A healthy mind can function but an empty stomach creates desperate situations. Volunteering your time to educate others about eating and thinking healthy to lead better lives for the future. Become a local volunteer with Hunger Free America, Inc., by calling us.

Recognizing the need that exists in the Central Valley, HFA provides several programs that focus on poverty alleviation, individual empowerment and outreach programs to those in need. The organization’s goals are accomplished with the implementation of stimulating activities and materials that are organized around a well-developed prospectus, as well as, ongoing evaluation assures progress and cost-effectiveness.

The organizations have a well-trained staff and volunteers to provide many opportunities for the empowerment of the people
and community. We stand firm upon our core values; of equality, diversity, integrity, and dependability, Hunger Free America Inc., provide all volunteer with free training. We seek individual empowerment and commitment to the local.

Hunger Free America® Corporate Office 

Email: demeatrus@hungerfreeamerica.net